We are pleased to share with you more information about our roadmap for the next 2 months.

1) FlameDex, late August

As you know, our priority now is the launch of our DEX named FlameDex. This DEX will have an API, that means websites like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap will be able to track all the tokens of Tezos DeFi and give us more visibility.

Burn more $FLAME

This DEX will help us to reduce the $FLAME supply by burning $FLAME from the exchange fees. …


10 SpaceFarmers
20 pieces / SpaceFarmer
10 differents collaboration with NFT artist
First edition (NewEra)

The goal: collect them all !

Launch: July 15th 2021
1 SpaceFarmer per month — 1 Collaboration per SpaceFarmer

— — — — — — — —

The first Ever SpaceFarmer will be mint on the official FlameDeFi HicetNunc account:


Mint date: July 15th, 11h am UTC

This will be the First SpaceFarmer of the first « NewEra » Edition.

First artist collaboration: Jeremiah Ketner
Name of the First SpaceFarmer: Cosmic Blaze.

If there is unsold piece of the SpaceFarmer 10 days…

Jeremiah Ketner artwork

We are very please to introduce our first collaboration for the NFT SpaceFarmers project: Jeremiah Ketner !

Jeremiah Ketner is an American artist Living in Tokyo. His bright colors and whimsical artworks are inspired by nature and Japanese culture.

We’ve improved our smart contract and are moving our farms over from V.1 to V.2

What are the benefits and why are we doing this?

- To make our smart contract safer and more secure: Your security, our priority.
- We also added fees to control inflation by burning more $FLAME: We added fees for early rewards claim of single assets → Flame farms !


It’s really important to control the inflation of our tokens. This system will help us to reduce selling pressure of the FLAME token, and will help the price to stabilize and rise.

We will…

The fDAO Presale will start on Friday, June 18 at 17–00 UTC.

Presale page: https://spacefarm.xyz/
Limited to 4`000 fDAO tokens max.
The price is 1 fDAO = 25`000 FLAME.

Only owners of wallets from our Airdrop list can buy fDAO tokens. Each wallet from the list can buy no more than 100 fDAO tokens. If you added liquidity to the Quipuswap pool of at least 100k FLAME and filled out a Google form, then you are on the list. You can check the presence of your address in the list in the Storage section of the Presale smart contract.


Hello, Tezonians!

To get the opportunity to participate in the $fDAO airdrop, you need to do the following:

  1. Add liquidity to the $FLAME / $XTZ pair on Quipuswap — at least 100,000 $FLAME + the equivalent of $XTZ.
  2. Do not remove the liquidity until the time of the Airdrop (end of May — beginning of June, the exact date and time will be announced later)
  3. Fill out the Google form at this link

In this form, you need to specify your username in Telegram.

The address of your Tezos wallet.

A link to the transaction of adding liquidity to Quipuswap.

How do I find a link to a liquidity add transaction?


We are currently developing our SpaceFarm. While you can only see the design of the future farm, smart contracts are not yet connected. At our farm, everyone will be able to earn money by farming $FLAME tokens, tokens of other projects, as well as LP liquidity tokens received on Quipuswap. In the future, after the launch of our own Flame Dex, it will be possible to stake the FlameLP liquidity tokens. It will also be possible to make exchanges on SpaceFarm, at the first stage we will use Quipuswap smart contracts. …

Flame DeFi

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