The fDAO Presale will start on Friday, June 18 at 17–00 UTC.

Presale page:
Limited to 4`000 fDAO tokens max.
The price is 1 fDAO = 25`000 FLAME.

Only owners of wallets from our Airdrop list can buy fDAO tokens. Each wallet from the list can buy no more than 100 fDAO tokens. If you added liquidity to the Quipuswap pool of at least 100k FLAME and filled out a Google form, then you are on the list. You can check the presence of your address in the list in the Storage section of the Presale smart contract.

After a day, the restriction on wallets from the list will be removed and anyone can buy fDAO.

For the duration of the Presale, the operations of adding liquidity and exchanges on Quipuswap will be disabled.

You will be able to add the fDAO tokens to the Quipuswap liquidity pool after the Presale is completed. During the Presale, only direct transfer of tokens to other wallets is allowed.

After completing the Presale, we will activate the “Stake fDAO/XTZ LP — earn fDAO” farm and “Stake fDAO-earn FLAME” farm.

After that, we will make an Airdrop of fDAO to the wallets from the list.

All FLAME tokens received during the fDAO Presale will be burned.

fDAO contract: KT1KPoyzkj82Sbnafm6pfesZKEhyCpXwQfMc
Token ID: 0
Decimals: 6

Presale contract: KT1UDCuQSBYEk3SiPM11chxjoLcDCanYZsSQ

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