August SpaceFarmer collab: FlameDeFi X RareBreeds !

6 days before minting our 2nd SpaceFarmer, we are very thrilled to announce our collab for this piece: RareBreeds.

RareBreeds is a Salvadoran born interdisciplinary artist that grew up in the concrete jungle of L.A. and now resides near the Rocky Mountains in Utah.

He’s a futurist, lover of Japanese culture, science fiction, spiritual concepts and animalistic designs. It’s no surprise that his creative mind always tends to lead towards themes fusing some of these concepts together.

All his work can be found here:

As someone who has dabbled in crypto since 2017, the excitement of NFTs and the Defi space has also certainly caught his eye. When he saw Defi started to surface on Tezos and saw the huge potential in the space themed Flame Defi’s SpaceFarm,he decided to jump in early and to help build up his crypto portfolio.

“For my SpaceFarmer Braze I wanted to create a space marine that had fought in many intergalactic battles but after many years living a chaotic lifestyle it weighed heavy on him. He was then presented with an opportunity for one final job that could provide him with enough money and land to settle down to live a more quiet life. The catch? He had to lead an Elite mercenary force one last time at the edge of space into hostile territory to reach new planets and he’d have to protect a SpaceFarming settlement looking to harvest rare materials. To get there would be a dangerous journey but he never backs away from a challenge to get what he wants”

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Buy Braze, the 2nd SpaceFarmer on our HicetNunc account:

More information about the SpaceFarmer project here:



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