FlameDeFi launch 2 farms for Instaraise

We are very please to launch 2 new farms on SpaceFarm !

Regarding our partnership with Instaraise, we host them for farming some $INSTA tokens 🔥

We will have 2 farms:

- Stake $INSTA LP earn $INSTA

Duration: 60 days

Rewards distributed: 120 000 $INSTA

- Stake FLAME LP earn $INSTA

Duration: 30 days

Rewards distributed: 20 000 $INSTA

Those farms will have unstake fees:

Unstake Fees : within week 1 = 10%

within week 2 = 5%

within week 3 = 2%

after week 3 = 0%

How to farm $INSTA token:

1 — Go on Quipuswap DEX and connect your wallet

2 — Go on invest tab and select « Add Liquidity »

3 — Select $INSTA / XTZ pair and add liquidity

4 — Go on SpaceFarm and choose the $INSTA LP — $INSTA farm

5 — Click on max button if you want to farm all your LP token

6 — Enjoy farming on SpaceFarm !

You can all farm some $INSTA with the Flame LP token

After each action, you need to confirm the transaction on your Temple or Kukai Wallet

Useful links:

INSTA token contract


Token ID: 0

FLAME token contract


Token ID: 0

Quipuswap DEX (to add liquidity)


SpaceFarm (to stake LP token and farm INSTA)




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