FlameDeFi launch staking & farming for Aqarchain !

Regarding our partnership with Instaraise incubator and launchpad, we are pleased to host staking & farming of one of their first IDO project: Aqarchain.

What is Aqarchain?

Aqarchain is the world first decentralized marketplace for Real Estate NFTs.

Aqarchain is digitizing the Real Estate Industry with an end platform that enables a seamless online experience for the users.

AqarChain brings a state of the art Investment platform for Real Estate investors with a decentralized tokenized infrastructure.

Stake and farm AQRtz on SpaceFarm

SpaceFarm from FlameDeFi will host staking & farming for AQRtz during 30 days.

Farming & staking will start on October 27th at 5pm UTC.

Stake AQRtz to earn AQRtz

Farm AQRtz / XTZ LP to earn AQRtz.

Unstake fees:

> 00 Days — 16%

> 07 Days — 8%

> 14 Days — 4%

> 21 Days — 2%

How to stake AQRtz

1) Go to https://flame.spacefarm.xyz

2) Select AQRtz single staking asset

3) Choose the amount of token to stake and click on « Stake » button.

How to stake AQRtz / XTZ LP

1) Go to https://quipuswap.com/invest/add-liquidity

2) Select the AQRtz / XTZ pairs and add liquidity

3) Go to https://flame.spacefarm.xyz

4) Choose the amount of AQRtz / XTZ LP token to stake and click on «Stake » button.

Enjoy your farming experience on SpaceFarm !

Useful links:

Buy AQRtz


Aqarchain Website: https://aqarchain.io/

Aqarchain Twitter account: https://twitter.com/aqarchain_io

Aqarchain Telegram: https://t.me/aqarchainglobal

FlameDeFi Telegram: https://t.me/FLAMEtokenFarm




FlameDEX - SpaceFarm - Play2Yearn

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Flame DeFi

FlameDEX - SpaceFarm - Play2Yearn

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