FlameDeFi Roadmap :

We are pleased to share with you more information about our roadmap for the next 2 months.

1) FlameDex, late August

As you know, our priority now is the launch of our DEX named FlameDex. This DEX will have an API, that means websites like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap will be able to track all the tokens of Tezos DeFi and give us more visibility.

Burn more $FLAME

This DEX will help us to reduce the $FLAME supply by burning $FLAME from the exchange fees. We will also convert the exchange’s fees from all the liquidity pool in $FLAME and burn them.

The exchange fees will be 0.3%. 0.25 will directly go to the liquidity provider and 0.05% will be converted to $FLAME and burn.

2) Gaming in Space

We have launched our first Jackpot Poker game mid-July. We will add two more games soon: Caribbean Poker and Slot.

It will bring more and more users into FlameDeFi project, and will help us to collect more fees and burn more $FLAME.

3) UI update, Early August

We hear you and will make a major UI update and new features in our SpaceFarm. We will give you more information about our tokens supply, APY, your LP tokens etc…

4) Migration of our farm from Quipuswap to FlameDex. Early September

We will make the migration of the V.2 farm (Quipuswap LP tokens) to the V.3 farm FlameDex LP and Quipuswap LP tokens.

FlameDex LP and Quipuswap LP tokens will be possible to stake in our SpaceFarm. It will bring more and more liquidity to $FLAME and $fDAO liquidity pool.

FlameDex LP will have better APR than Quipuswap LP.

We will add withdrawal fees to all our pools (native and non native) on all the farm.

Those fees will help to control inflation of the $FLAME token.

Finally, we will increase rewards in the FLAME LP and fDAO LP farm to incentivize liquidity providers.

5) Governance platform — Early October

We have two tokens, $Flame and $fDAO. fDAO is the governance token, that mean people will be able to make proposal through the governance platform and vote.

The more fDAO you own, the more control you will have to vote on the future of SpaceFarm. Driven by the community, for the community.

6) Audit of the farm and the DEX — Soon

We are in touch with Nomadic Labs for auditing our project. Nomadic has already read the smart contracts of SpaceFarm and will read the code of our DEX.

They have also recommended two companies for the audit, and we are currently in talks with them now. When DEX and V3 farm are live, we will begin the audit and share the result with the community when it’s completed.

We hope this article will provide more visibility regarding FlameDeFi.

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