FlameDeFi set a strategic partnership with Instraraise

FlameDeFi is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the incubation and fundraising platform Instaraise and becomes the ecosystem partner of Instraraise projects.

With Tezos DeFi on the rise, we think it’s really important to work collaboratively with Instaraise to give more visibility to the Tezos ecosystem and bring users from other blockchain networks.

With their fundraising capabilities, the Instaraise platform targets to bring more and more quality projects to the Tezos ecosystem.

They aim to develop a strong and loyal user base by giving early investment deal access to retail investors and potential users. Instaraise has a team with a wealth of Blockchain experience.

The public sale of the $INSTA token on September 9th was a big success: Sold out in less than 1 minute ! The listing will take place on September 14th on Quipuswap.

They also have the support of VCs like Twin Apex, M6, and the exNetwork and are working closely with TzAPAC and Tezos India.

We decided to create this partnership to help Instaraise and their incubation program set up farms easily and allow their users access to yield farming.

This collaboration will help Instaraise and FlameDeFi to continue to grow. This partnership will also bring more and more liquidity to the FlameDeFi project.

FlameDeFi users will also be able to discover new promising Tezos project and participate on their IDO on the Instaraise platform. More details will be coming soon.

If you want more information about Instaraise, take a look at their website: www.instaraise.io

Buy $Flame tokens here :


Buy $fDAO tokens here:



- Docs- https://docs.instaraise.io

- Telegram group — https://t.me/Instaraise

- Twitter — https://twitter.com/Instaraise

- Medium — https://instaraise.medium.com/



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