FlameDeFi X Jeremiah Ketner: Our first SpaceFarmers collaboration

Jeremiah Ketner artwork

We are very please to introduce our first collaboration for the NFT SpaceFarmers project: Jeremiah Ketner !

Jeremiah Ketner is an American artist Living in Tokyo. His bright colors and whimsical artworks are inspired by nature and Japanese culture.

Jeremiah Ketner artwork

« For my Space Farmer I was inspired by the concept of fire existing in space. The Space Farmer harvests flames grown naturally in the cosmos. The space flames can only survive within glass globes. Only the SpaceFarmer is skilled enough to collect them and bring them back to the atmosphere where they can thrive. »

You can find him in Twitter: @smallandround

The first ever SpaceFarmer will be mint July 15, 11h UTC.

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