FlameDEX is live on Mainnet

We are delighted to announce that FlameDex is live on Mainnet!

After several months of working to offer you the best AMM possible, the day has finally arrived.

Let’s take a look at why FlameDEX is a game changer for Tezos and its DeFi.



FlameDeFi mainpage:


Token / Token & Token / XTZ swaps

We finally decided to delay the launch to offer you swaps between tokens but also with XTZ.

Create all the pairs you want

With FlameDEX, you have the possibility to create all the pairs you want quickly and easily.

New farms to bring more liquidity

New DEX and therefore new farms!

Even though we keep a few farms through Quipuswap LP, all of our new farms will use cash from the FlameDEX pools

Below are the new farms will be created:


  • FLAME / XTZ LP -> fDAO
  • FLAME / USDtz LP -> fDAO

fDAO Pools

  • fDAO / XTZ LP -> fDAO
  • fDAO / USDTtz LP -> fDAO
  • fDAO / ETHtz LP -> FLAME
  • fDAO / wUSDT LP -> FLAME

The more liquidity on pool, the better it is, the more you get rewarded !

FlameDEX will become an DEX aggregator

FlameDEX will not only be a DEX, but also an aggregator !

Thanks to FLameDEX, always find the best price among all DEXs on Tezos. This feature will be added a few weeks after the launch of FlameDEX.

From its launch, however, FlameDEX will be able to find the best route among its liquidity pools to get the best possible price.

Exclusive airdrop for FlameDEX OG users

Our early adopters and our community have supported us from the start. This is something very important to us. We will therefore airdrop exclusive NFTs to our early adopters and cash providers on FlameDEX.

Our FlameDeFi OG count, and we want them to be able to be rewarded.

FlameDEX burn $FLAME token to reduce the supply

If FlameDEX is so important for FlameDeFi, it is also because it will allow us to burn $FLAME, our utility token, at each swap.

Indeed, of the 0.3% fees on each swap, 0.25% will go to the liquidity providers and 0.045% will be converted into $FLAME and burnt and 0.005% will be converted into $fDAO. The calculations are simple: the more users we have, the more $FLAME we will burn and the more rare and valuable the token will be.

Fighting inflation has always been important for us so as not to have too much selling pressure.

Clean & sober UI for smooth and simple UX

For FlameDEX, we chose a simple UI for an optimal UX.

A test phase was carried out with our users and we took into account the feedback for our last update. We hope you will be satisfied with the FlameDEX swap experience.

Reviewed by Functori

As said before, safety remains the top priority. We preferred to delay the launch of FlameDEX to make the product safer and you can have a better experience.

For this, we worked hand in hand with the experts of Tezos, Functori.

The team was very professional. We have been able to collaborate effectively to offer you the FlameDEX you see and improve our SpaceFarm.

So what?

This is a big step for FlameDeFi, but it’s only the beginning. We aim to bring so much more to Tezos DeFi & NFT and to our strong community.

We will continue the hard work to launch our next products and features and push DeFi to its next level!


FlameDEX: https://app.flamedex.io/

SpaceFarm: https://flame.spacefarm.xyz

SpaceFarmer HicEtNunc Account: https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/tz/tz1YtUbTURpWeX1CzHFamxS7fGdaKwKKgMzq

Telegram group: https://t.me/FLAMEtokenFarm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlameDeFi



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