How to participate in $fDAO Airdrop

Hello, Tezonians!

To get the opportunity to participate in the $fDAO airdrop, you need to do the following:

  1. Add liquidity to the $FLAME / $XTZ pair on Quipuswap — at least 100,000 $FLAME + the equivalent of $XTZ.
  2. Do not remove the liquidity until the time of the Airdrop (end of May — beginning of June, the exact date and time will be announced later)
  3. Fill out the Google form at this link

In this form, you need to specify your username in Telegram.

The address of your Tezos wallet.

A link to the transaction of adding liquidity to Quipuswap.

How do I find a link to a liquidity add transaction?

Enter your wallet address in the search field

Go to “Operations” tab and find a transaction like this:

Copy the transaction link and paste it into the Google form

How do I check that this is the $FLAME liquidity?

  1. Find your transaction

3. Click “Show” button

4. Check the contract address. There should be this address KT1Q93ftAUzvfMGPwC78nX8eouL1VzmHPd4d

If everything is correct, then send the Google form to us:)

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