September SpaceFarmer’s collaboration: FlameDeFi X CraigSmithArt !

Our 3rd NFT SpaceFarmer will drop on September 15th, so it’s time to introduce our artist collaboration: CraigSmithArt !

Craigers currently lives in Ireland and graduated from the University of Ulster in 1996, where he specialised in multimedia art and design (CD-Roms were big back then!). He completed a PhD on the topic of motion comics in 2013 and has exhibited his art and film work in Belfast and Berlin. Craigers discovered NFTs in September 2020 and has been an active member of the community ever since.

He launched to promote fellow artists and provide reviews and interviews that reveal up and coming talent. He is currently working on a personal large-scale NFT series that will feature unique procedurally generated characters based on his artwork.

The Spacefarmers project enabled Craigers to bring together his love of art and science fiction to create artwork that touches upon humanity’s innate sense of wonder at the cosmos.

Visit his portfolio at and


Drop for SpaceTickets holders: September 14th (6 person)

Drop of the SpaceFarmer for public sale: September 15th (14 pieces left)

Where to buy?

More information about SpaceFarmer’s project:



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