SpaceFarmer #6 — Flygohr X FlameDeFi !

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2 min readDec 13, 2021


For our SpaceFarmer #6, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Tezos OG artist, Flygohr !

He is the famous creator of Tezos Pirates and PRJKTNEON !

Because of high demand, we make a lottery to win a SpaceTicket. Only SpaceTicket holders will be able to buy SpaceFarmer #6 on December 15th.

How to play and try to win SpaceTickt? Check this tweet !

Can you introduce yourself please?

I’m Gabriele — in art Flygohr — and I’m a digital artist from Italy. I’ve been drawing, making up worlds and little tabletop games for friends and family since I have memory. I started doing art professionally while finishing high school, and in a couple years I was completely self sustaining, doing commissions for a variety of clients from around the world.

At the beginning of 2021 I first encountered the term ‘NFT’, and it took me three months to fully grasp the concept. I started out on Ethereum out of ignorance, didn’t know about the environmental impact and the existing alternatives. Came across hic et nunc following the suggestions of a friend, and felt right at home. In my experience, the Ethereum network was flooded by toxic influencers and projects that were only quick cash grabs from celebrities. I loved the ‘punk’, down to earth nature of the Tezos network and its inhabitants. The low gas fees allowed me to experiment, and I made lots of friends — some of whom I met in real life after months of collaborations.

Why did you make this collaboration with FlameDeFi for their SpaceFarmer project?

While I’m not into DeFi, finance and other ‘numbers and charts’ stuff I love to collaborate with the nice people of Tezos. Merging art and finance has been the best decision that I ever made in my career (duh) and I try to always find new ways to give meaning to my artworks. I just love the communities that formed around Tezos, and the one around Flame DeFi is a strong one — I personally know a few of the users. I’m happy I get to collaborate and I hope my friends can enjoy my SpaceFarmer as much as I loved designing and drawing it

Thank you for your time and see you on December 15th for the drop !

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