SpaceFarmer #7 Monica X FlameDeFi !

We are really happy to announce that our artist collaboration for SpaceFarmer #7 is Monica !

Can you introduce yourself Monica?

Hi, my name Monica and I’ve been an artist since I a little girl. I came into the NFT space at the end of February last year after hearing someone mentioned Crytpo art in clubhouse. Then when Opensea did the ‘burnt banksy’ I understood what they were doing and wanted to try it out.

Why did you make this collaboration with FlameDeFi?

I am so excited to collaborate with Flame Defi and SpaceFarmer. I love that this combines both Art and utility for the Tezos community. I’m honored to be among a truly talented pool of artists that have created a SpaceFarmer.

The drop will be on January 15th

Useful links:

FlameDeFi website:

SpaceFarmer HEN account:

FlameDeFi Telegram:





FlameDEX - SpaceFarm - Play2Yearn

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