Update: From V.1 to V.2 SpaceFarm

We’ve improved our smart contract and are moving our farms over from V.1 to V.2

What are the benefits and why are we doing this?

- To make our smart contract safer and more secure: Your security, our priority.
- We also added fees to control inflation by burning more $FLAME: We added fees for early rewards claim of single assets → Flame farms !


It’s really important to control the inflation of our tokens. This system will help us to reduce selling pressure of the FLAME token, and will help the price to stabilize and rise.

We will only add fees on the rewards of the single asset pool. It will also incentivize people to stake LP token. This will help to increase liquidity in the fDAO and FLAME liquidity pool.

With this new update, it will be more profitable to hold FLAME for long terms.

We will also add an auto-compound feature soon to boost the APY of our farms.

With the new fees system, people will hold their tokens longer and stop claim and sell their rewards.

Important: No fees for the first 3 days after launch 🚀

The fees will be only on those farms at the moment:
- fDAO earn FLAME

< 3 days — 4% fee
< 14 days — 2% fee
< 30 days — 1% fee
> 30 days — 0% fee

We will burn all the fees. There is no fees if you claim your rewards after 30 days.

In the next weeks, all farms will move to V.2. The fees system will be applied except on fDAO LP pool and FLAME LP pool.

How to migrate from V.1 to V.2?

Go on the depreciated tab on our SpaceFarm, select the farm and click to « migrate to the upgraded farm ». Then click your rewards.


To celebrate, we will increase the rewards X2 from those farms during 3 days🔥

Start: Today 10 AM UTC

Important: No fees for the FLAME LP and fDAO LP to incentivize holders to add liquidity in the pool. We will never add fees in those LP pool.

You can move your tokens from V.1 to V.2 for these farms:


For any questions, join us on telegram: https://t.me/FLAMEtokenFarm

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